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A new way to interpret the lifestyle Made in Tuscany

"Team building is the hardest part to manage in the evolution of a company. Create it and maintain it when you insert new elements always requires a physiological adaptation. Made in Italy lifestyle means also that."
(Filippo Fabiani)

The entire production, result of years of experience in the field, is characterized by the numerous types of processing applied in several steps, which lead to transform a belt in one of the products, for sophistication and industriousness, more representative of the Made in Tuscany lifestyle.

The added value of the product packaged by hand, is still in the "magic of gesture" of the individual engaged in production, not only in his manual skills, but also mental. It is precisely the intangible aspects to be fundamental to the final rendering of a belt.

Each individual capability affects the general effect of the product, while maintaining a clear desire in the constant search for improvement, which is then transferred to the rest of the company. Craftsmen are required to work not only for an "absolute" sense, but it's necessary to convince them that everyone, in their duties, must necessarily "interpret" the object.